Developing Your Risk Management Strategy

How do you reduce risk and subsequently reduce your Workers' Compensation costs? Join us as we discuss how to develop a strategic plan that will help keep you in control of reducing your company's risk and cost.


Building a Successful Return To Work Program

Return To Work (RTW) programs are designed to help employees remain a productive member of your workforce without impeding their recovery or risking additional injury. Having an effective RTW program helps reduce Workers' Compensation costs, control Experience Modification Rate (X-Mod), facilitate the injured worker's recovery, and increase potential for a positive resolution of the claim. Join us as we review how to build a successful and sustainable RTW program.

ESM Return to Work Manual Sample.docx


Managing First Aid Claims

Effective Jan. 1, 2017, all insured employers within the state of California must report all claims to their carrier or Third Party Administrator for which medical treatment costs are incurred. This includes reporting of first aid claims. If you have previously paid your "first aid" claims directly to the medical clinic, these costs must now be reported to the carrier and will impact your future Experience Modifier.

Employee Declination of Medical Treatment
Medical Registration First Aid Log with Treatment


Establishing an Effective Safety Committee

Managing a comprehensive risk management program is challenging. A successful Safety (or Risk) Committee can help employers manage the initiatives required to ensure compliance with OSHA, while mitigating risk and cost associated with Workers' Compensation. Learn how an effective Safety Committee can reduce your exposures and enhance your company's culture.

Safety Committee Essentials Module
Safety Management Tracking Matrix
Safety Meeting Agenda Template


New Hire Safety Orientation

The majority of injuries happen to employees within the first 6 months of employment. Thus, it is imperative employers have a standardized plan for onboarding new employees. Ensuring that all employees are trained in both their job duties and safety requirements helps to ensure compliance with Cal-OSHA and to mitigate the potential for injury. Join us for a 30 minute webinar where we will discuss tools to help you comply with Cal-OSHA and to transition new employees into a safe and healthful workplace.

New Hire Safety Orientation Module - General Industry


CA Workers' Compensation 2017 X-Mod Changes

Did you know that the Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau will change the rating formula for 2017? Employers that have a greater number of claims (frequency) than the average for their industry will have a higher X-Mod under this new plan.


Mandatory Sick Leave Takes Effect

We provide an overview of the mandate and answers to your most important questions. The documents below are supplements to the webinar.

Paid Sick Leave Webinar (Slides Only)
Notice to Employee LC 2810 (English PDF)
Notice to Employee LC 2810 (Spanish)
Notice to Employee LC 2810 (Vietnamese)
Paid Sick Leave Poster
Paid Sick Leave Poster (Spanish)
Paid Sick Leave Poster (Vietnamese)


Worker's Compensation - Investigating Disputed Claims

Learn about what an employer can do to investigate questionable claims. What is the basis of the claim under workers compensation? What steps should an employer take to manage the disputed claim?


Claims Management - Navigating the Complexity

An employer can no longer just file a claim and expect a positive outcome. An employer must be actively involved with the management of each claim all the way through to closure. Learn how you can dramatically impact the cost and outcome of a claim with claims management techniques that we will discuss in this month's webinar. Faster recovery and return to work equals reduced claim costs and reduced insurance premiums!


3 Steps to Controlling Your X-Mod

The California experience rating system is a merit rating system that provides employers an opportunity to reduce their premiums by preventing injuries and managing claims. Learn about the breakdown of the formula as we discuss solutions that will help mitigate this X-Mod exposure in this 45 minute webinar.