Founded in 1954, Bowermaster and Associates is a family-driven, entrepreneurial organization. We are accountable to our clients, employees, and community, who benefit from our fundamental beliefs in family and innovation.

Family means: trust, loyalty, honesty, partnership and dedication

Innovation means: imagination, solutions, knowledge, resources and leadership

Regardless of the evolving insurance and risk management industry, we consistently deliver innovative, best practice solutions and positive outcomes to our clients through the values we have held for over 60 years.

Bowermaster and Associates builds meaningful and long-lasting relationships with a diverse set of businesses and individuals. Bowermaster has cultivated a dynamic team of professionals who are enthusiastic and dedicated to serving your insurance, risk management, benefits and consulting needs. Backed by high-quality service, advisory support, consulting and industry expertise, we work as a team to negotiate cost-effective coverages. In fact, our team is consistently trained in negotiation skills, which translates into better results for our clients.

As an established company in Orange County that prides itself on family heritage, we foster a deep commitment to our greater community through our involvement in numerous local charities and our own charitable foundation, Scorin' Lorne Memorial Foundation, which supports children.

Bill Bowermaster founded Bowermaster and Associates based on a Statement of Commitment that defined his passion to build an ethical and productive organization. These principles transcend three generations and guides us in everything we do.

Our Statements of Commitment

  • To truly care about helping the people we serve
  • To respond promptly to all service requests
  • To be honest and forthright in all our dealings
  • To serve our customers with courtesy and respect
  • To fulfill all reasonable client requests
  • To take pride in our work
  • To live up to the commitments of the organization
  • To live up to our personal commitments
  • To live up to our Social Responsibilities