What does it mean to be with a Certified Analytic Brokerage™ Firm?

Without data you are just another person with an opinion."
- Dr. W. Edwards Deming

At Bowermaster, we let data and analytics tell the real story of our value; allowing us to provide counsel, recommendations and solutions based on fact – your data — not opinion.

As a Certified Analytic Broker™, we are a rare company in our field. We have the understanding and capability to show you where financial leakage currently exists in your insurance and risk management program, and provide the resources and expertise to reduce this drain and better manage it moving forward. In other words, we can present the factual DATA to support our findings specific to your operation. This financial drain is hitting your bottom-line year after year and, as Certified Analytic Brokers™, we are the only brokers capable of reducing it and proving the results.

Your insurance, benefits, personnel, safety and risk management costs go well beyond the direct costs of premiums and losses, but other brokers are not able to demonstrate what those additional costs are, let alone even discuss them.

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Our process is a thoughtful one, which includes a deep dive into your business that will deliver improved results across your entire insurance, risk management, benefits, structure, culture, and bottom-line. We will give you a new and better perspective that will change your view of insurance and your insurance broker, forever.

Step 1:
Our Pitch

Our pitch is our initial meeting. We will do most of the talking in this short introduction because for starters, we asked to see you, and secondly, we have some good information to share. You will learn very quickly that this is not your typical “insurance” meeting. This meeting will start to change your paradigm with regards to your insurance relationships and expectations. This meeting will introduce the true concept of Total Cost of Risk and a better understanding of your insurance cost structure. This meeting will discuss real resources, as opposed to features and benefits you will never see. This meeting will focus on how you should measure your insurance relationship moving forward.

Step 2:
Analysis & Trending

If you like what you hear and see from Bowermaster in our Pitch and perhaps some additional follow-up, then it’s time to dive deeper into your insurance program and cost structure, allowing us to provide a detailed report on your current financial leakage, cost structure and coverage. Analysis and Trending is done on an annual basis for our larger clients, allowing us to tweak, modify and deploy where needed for improved continuous results.

Step 3:
Resource & Project Deployment

Per the findings of our analysis and trends, we will deploy resources and implement projects for improved results that align with your company’s performance metrics. The resources and projects will be detailed and monitored in our meetings. Unlike other brokers who talk about their “features, benefits and value-add”, we at Bowermaster practice what we preach with the deployment of real resources and projects that deliver real results specific to your operation.

Step 4:
Results & Measurements

As discussed in our Pitch, our job is to deliver improved outcomes and results to your overall operation. These results revolve around financial impact and include: reduced costs, improved protection, improved bottom-line, improved margins, and an overall improved company valuation. We will deliver an annual TCORCalc™ report supporting our findings and results specific to your operation. No other broker can do this. We then measure our overall performance based on the four following components: 1.) The issues we solved; 2.) The relationships we built; 3.) The resources we deployed; and 4.) The results we delivered.