Cyber Risk

It’s not if, but when...and how much?! Don’t become a cyber statistic.

Cyber criminals are working right now to attack and extort your business, causing you, your employees, and your clients damage. You owe an obligation to yourself and your stakeholders to protect them from cyber criminals. At Bowermaster, we take protecting your business seriously.

Consider The Following Statistics From The 2018 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach Survey:

  • The average per record cost of a data breach is $148 per customer record. Lost business accounts for over one third of data breach costs.
  • Many businesses do not have the tools or procedures in place to detect identity fraud, including an incident response plan.
  • 48% of breaches were caused by malicious or criminal attacks. Companies spend more on these types of breaches per record ($157 on average) than any other type of breach.

The Importance of Cyber Insurance

Don't Be A Target

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