Family-Owned Business

We Protect and Serve the Family Enterprise

No one appreciates the importance of protecting and impacting the family enterprise more than Bowermaster. For starters, we are a third generation, family-owned business that got its start in 1954. Our professionals, resources and deliverables go to work for you to provide results that positively impact your culture and bottom line. Hire Bowermaster and you will have made a great addition to your business.

Did you know?

  • 70% of family businesses do not successfully transition to the next generation
  • 83% don't successfully transition to the 3rd generation
  • 92% don't successfully transition to the 4th generation

Proper risk management and planning can put the odds of successfully perpetuating your family enterprise and culture in your favor. Don’t let poor planning and communication put your hard earned work out of business.

The family business faces issues and challenges that are very unique and penetrate beyond the business and into the family as a whole. This can be gratifying and rewarding, as well as harmful and deteriorating.

Bowermaster is a proud sponsoring partner of the California State University Fullerton's Center for Family Business. Click here to learn more about this center and how it can benefit your family business.

It is highly recommended that you get involved in a family business center or council, which will deliver resources and outcomes that you are not getting now.

Some interesting family business facts:

  • Generate 57% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • Employ 63% of the workforce
  • Create 75% of all new jobs
  • California’s 1.4 million family businesses employ 7 million people.

We at Bowermaster understand this, which is why we dedicate ourselves to the family enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit.

A 20-minute investment of your time for an introductory meeting will deliver financial returns that you may not have known were possible. Start a Conversation with a Bowermaster Advisor today.