What does Bowermaster mean?

Bauermeister... Bauermaster... Bowermaster...

It is amazing how much a name can identify and define an organization; and the name Bowermaster certainly does that for us.

In its original form, Bowermaster is Bauermeister, and is of German descent. After immigrating to America, our ancestors changed the spelling to make it a little easier and more phonetical…Americanized.

- Bauer in German means: farmer/craftsman
- Meister in German means: master, skilled or prominent

So Bauer-Meister (Bower-Master) means to be a masterful farmer or craftsman.

At Bowermaster we take this meaning literally in our practice and apply it to all that we do as a firm.

Like a farmer tending to a seedling, allowing it to grow into a strong tree with deep roots that will bear fruit (deliver results), Bowermaster protects and offers extreme care and attention to the individuals, families and companies that we are privileged to call clients, allowing them to enjoy the fruits of their labor. We support and protect your growth and prosperity, while ensuring you are properly cared for and protected all along the way.


Bowermaster & Associates delivers Masterful Results