Bowermaster and Associates prides itself in being a charitable and socially responsible company. Our efforts to make a positive impact led to the development of the Scorin' Lorne McKelvie Memorial Foundation, a 501C3 nonprofit charitable organization established by the Bowermaster family in July of 2002.

The Scorin' Lorne McKelvie Memorial Foundation commemorates the life of a dear friend and former employee, Lorne McKelvie, who passed away unexpectedly in 2002. Lorne was a long-time friend of Mike Bowermaster and many others at the company. Lorne loved family, friends, music, sports and the beach, and since his passing, the organization honors his memory and his commitment to family and community.

The foundation raises money and sponsors various causes throughout the year that benefits disadvantaged children in our community. Since the Foundation's inaugural event, it has held several events from basketball tournaments to golf tournaments to concerts, and generated tens-of-thousands of dollars in direct donations to grow education and health opportunities for children.